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Recommendation for Ksenia Tolokonnikova, absolute best hair colorist in Cuenca

I was fortunate enough to meet Ksenia after an oven explosion left me with a hair emergency. My former stylist was too busy for me but Ksenia understood and got me in and cleaned up the mess of burned hair I had left.

After that event, I started having Ksenia color my hair and I've never been happier with my color. She is 100% pro and does amazing color every single time.

One thing I love is that she's very, very protective of the condition of my hair. I'm a blonde but she never lets it get to look like what I call "old lady dry".

I'd been to two previous Ecuadorian colorists, both of whom bleached my hair into oblivion, literally burning my hair right off. I understand that most Ecuadorians have a different, more hardy, texture of hair so I think they just didn't know what to do with fine, blonde Caucasian hair but it's a horrible thing to have your stylist sit there and do her makeup while you KNOW your hair is burning off. Fortunately, with Ksenia, I never have to worry about that again. She **gets** fine hair, blonde hair, European hair. 

Ksenia is popular among gringas and Ecuadorianas alike. She's a master of the "bailage", a gradient lightening technique which gives lighter ends and a darker root with such a gradual change that you don't have to worry about touchup. She's done some amazing reds on friends of mine that were previously blonde. And she does my champagne blonde perfect every time.

On top of all that, she's careful with the cuts. Will never give you a butcher job, I almost have to tell her sometimes, "cut more!" but she knows what she's doing.

Ksenia (silent K) speaks English, Spanish, and her native Ukraine and Russian. She's a lovely person, friend, and mom. All of my friends that I've referred to her will never go to anyone else now that they've found this treasure.

At the risk of her becoming so busy I have to wait for an appointment, I'm submitting this sincere review of one of the best professionals in Cuenca, by far.

She is conveniently located just of OrdoƱez Lasson on Las Laureles

You can see photos of her work on her facebook page and attached is a picture of my hair from my last visit.

You're welcome.


Address: Los Laureles 25, at OrdoƱez Lasso

Contact information: 099 576 4914

Recommended by Teresa Hardy: