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DEFY: Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings. The URL was already taken, so my website, Facebook page, Instagram account and YouTube Chanel are all defyforlife. I think it works. Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings for Life. Yeah, kind of long, I know. So, the business is focused on your life (and health) and the life and health of the planet. That’s it. My goal is to “satisfy your yearnings by delivering organic vegetarian gourmet treats, in an earth friendly way :) I’ll be delivering your gourmet treats via bicycle (zero pollution produced in transportation) on a weekly basis. All my offerings will be frozen, to ensure optimum freshness. We’ll be using reusable containers; no single-use plastics. The idea is for me to “Treat you and Planet Earth, with Dignity.” To kick off my business I’ve created the Great Nanaimo Bar Giveaway. Please go to my Facebook Page: Defy for Life to see all the details about what Nanaimo Bars are and get your free bars as well as be entered in a draw for a slab of 16 of them.

Address: Jesus Arriaga 4-69, Cuenca.

David Coote: 096 034 0240