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Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings: Designed to “satisfy your yearnings by delivering organic vegetarian gourmet treats, in an earth friendly way. I’ll be delivering your “soon-to-be-favorite” treats via bicycle (zero pollution produced in transportation) on a weekly basis. We’ll be using reusable containers; no single-use plastics. The idea is for me to “Treat you and Planet Earth, with Dignity.

My first (and only, at the moment) offering is Nanaimo Bars. This is a 3-layer bar that’s very popular in Canada. My recipe is from my Mother, and everyone back in Canada who’s tried them (a lot of people over the years) says they’re the best. Please check out my Facebook Page: Defy for Life to get the details of my Great Nanaimo Bar Giveaway campaign. In brief, I’m giving away two pieces of Nanaimo Bar, which I’ll be delivering with my bike, all for free, next Saturday November 16th. Nanaimo Bars are a truly spectacular chocolaty sweet dessert. If there’s anybody out there that likes chocolate, I guarantee you love these, or your money back…… Oh wait, you won’t be paying anything. OK, forget I said that. If you haven’t had Nanaimo Bars, you haven’t lived. Check out my FB Page: Defy for Life, and get your free Bars.

Address: Jesus Arriaga 4-69, Cuenca.

David Coote: