GringoPost | Ecuador: Birds at Parque Pumapungo need your newspaper

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Birds at Parque Pumapungo need your newspaper

We're still volunteering at the aviary at Parque Pumapungo, and this week the birds were relocated due to a major remodel project. This means that all of the birds (except the eagles and hawks and peacocks) are temporarily in cages, and the staff is in need of paper to line the cage bottoms. Long story short, washing them every morning is a logistical, time consuming nightmare.

If you have a stack of newspapers for recycle, this is the perfect use for them. Don't worry, the birds can't actually touch the paper at the bottoms of the cages, so there's no danger to them. 

You can drop them off for me at our building or make arrangements to meet. 

By the way, I know nothing about additional volunteer opportunities at the museo or parque, so please inquire with the powers that be.

Heather: 098 572 5246.

City: Cuenca