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Recommendation for Amelia and JP: Unconventional Life, YouTube channel

Amelia and JP have a great YouTube channel. It is full of information about living in Ecuador and particularly about Cuenca.

They have more than 150 vlogs at this point and I have watched almost all of them.

They review, in an unbiased way, caf├ęs, restaurants, craft merchants etc. etc.

Their “day in the life” videos are particularly good.

Their videos were coming out twice a week but during the recent unrest in Ecuador they switched to updating watchers about local events. This was very welcomed by many, many subscribers and casual watchers.

They have now changed to a once a week 15 minute videos with additional 5 minute videos (2-3 per week).

Subscribing to their channel will allow you to be notified when they post a new video.

They also have a Patreon group where members (both from Ecuador and from around the world) share lots of useful information.

I would absolutely recommend both the YouTube channel and the Patreon group to anyone looking for good quality information about Cuenca, Ecuador and also about a vegan lifestyle - they are both vegans.

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