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Lost husband, got new legs, wants to be able to walk again

Torey and John moved to Azuay province several years ago, bought a place in the country about 20 minutes east of Paute and settled into life in Ecuador. Torey had been needing new legs. After John died suddenly in 2017, she went to the States to get them. It didn't go well even though she spent almost a year with repeated adjustments to the poor fit and rubbing. She returned to her home here. 

She needs our caring support for her to be independent and to be able to do many of the things that her husband used to do. They were married over 30 years. The following is her story. 

Hi Everyone,

Here is my story: I was born with the bones below my knees missing, in a one-in-a-million genetic consequence. My legs were amputated at the age of 3 1/2. In 62 years, I’ve successfully worn four waves of technology, from leather and wooden legs to high tech plastics. I’ve kept my body healthy, strong and athletic, with the intention, to wear prostheses until I lay this body down.

However, this last pair is so ill-fitted, painful and damaging to my natural legs that I can no longer walk. My brother, Jerry, has started a Go Fund Me campaign to retro-fit my high-tech legs with new comfortable, supportive sockets, so that I will actually be able walk in them.

If you would like to help me walk again, please go to:

The great news is, the retro-fit will be done by a prosthetic firm, in Quito, whose reputation is built on comfortable and functional sockets, as well as technology. One of the partners, originally from the US, wears a prosthetic leg and climbs mountains with their amputee clients.

Both partners have spent well over three hours evaluating my abilities, to assess what it would take to get the legs right. The new sockets will connect to, and reuse the knees and feet. The sockets will also connect to new pad feet, so I can choose to be tall or short. This gives me far more range of motion and capabilities that allow me to be independent. In addition, they will make any necessary adjustments for a full year.

With gratitude and blessings, Torey

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Jani Niner:  098 673 9338