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Learn new techniques with oil pastels at idiomART!

idiomART is excited about this new Oil Pastel workshop with Artist Jennifer Irias. It will be fun, interesting and inspiring!

This 3-Day workshop is focused on learning 3 different techniques, oil pastels blending with linseed oil, oil pastels in an acrylic primed canvas and sgraffito technique.

Day 1- Monday, October 21, from 10 AM to Noon.
Oil Pastels blending with linseed oils.

Color scale practice and review, we will focus on blending scales with linseed oil with the use of a brush instead of a blender.

For those who signed up for all classes, at the end of day one, they will paint their canvas with acrylic color to use for day 2, Wednesday).

Day 2 -Wednesday, October 23, from 10 AM to Noon.
Previously painted canvas will be used for a landscape painting. Oil Pastels will be blended with a blender.

Day 3- Friday, October 25, from 10 AM to Noon.
Learning sgraffito technique.

3-Day Workshop Fee is $45

It is possible to sign up for one, two, or three days -- each day fee is $15.

Limited enrollment, please register by email: Cash or PayPal option.

Materials Needed:
Watercolor paper or mixed media paper
Day 1
11.75 x 17 in
Day 2
11.75 x 8.5 un

Canvas panel 9 x 12"
Linseed oil
Oil Pastels
Sand Paper
Pencils and erasers

Materials may be purchased at idiomART!

IdiomART is located at Presidente Córdova 1-77 between Manuel Vega and Miguel Angel Estrella. Monday, October 21, Wednesday, October 23 and Friday, October 25. from 10 AM to Noon.