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How to revitalize and rejuvenate the face - Dra Doménica Toledo

To improve the appearance of each person we can perform treatments that will mitigate the effect of fatigue on our face. There are different techniques of Aesthetic Medicine to revitalize the face and offer our best face:

- Botulinum toxin to counteract fatigue
There is a treatment that fights the appearance of tiredness of wonder, this is undoubtedly botulinum toxin. This toxin softens the expression of the face, hiding the eyebrows and ending the annoying wrinkles around the eyes, making it give our face a less tense and more relaxed appearance. Thus, a treatment with botulinum toxin helps to naturally raise the eyebrows that have been gradually lowering over time, so the look will recover liveliness and energy.

The look is a key point to get a younger and revitalized face

- Hyaluronic acid to fill facial volumes
The treatments based on hyaluronic acid are very useful when filling the volumes that have been lost over time. Thus, with hyaluronic acid you can correct the grooves of the mouth, or commissures that give an aspect of latasancio and sadness to the face.

This substance is also used to give volume to the cheekbones or to the chin, and we can use it to shape and give volume to the lips.

Biorevitalization treatments with hyaluronic acid are interesting options to achieve better hydration in the skin while preventing skin flaccidity and providing luminosity.

- Other treatments to rejuvenate the face
There are specific treatments for the dark circles, dark and marked by fatigue, these treatments soften their color and highlight the look, tighten the skin.

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