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EcuaChakana Journey November 2019, monthly schedule

Have a great Fiestas de Cuenca everyone….199 yrs of our Independence form Spain. Que viva Cuenca…

This month we have a few new Journeys to share with you.

Hope you can join us. Make your reservation spaces are limited.

We are inaugurating our Cuenca’s Hidden Treasures “Arquitectural Jewels” on Sunday Nov 3rd. Parque Calderon, 10 AM to 12:30 PM aprrox.
2nd “Arquitectural Jewels” Monday, Nov 18th
Learn with us the in depth history of our houses/home in the Historic Center,
Which will give you every time you walk by these homes a deeper connection with our amazing architecture of the most beautiful city of Ecuador, Cuenca.

Also don’t miss Doña Cecila Toral Cuencas Hidden Treasures. Come and meet Doña Cecila as she opens the doors of her home and we will be able to go back in a time machine late 19th & early 20th century.

Monday Nov 11th & Friday, Nov 29th

We still have our Wednesday special values $35 per person
(we require 6 people for the groups)
Nov 6th- Arquelogical Journey(Cojitambo & Ingapirca)(2 sites)
We will expierence an incredible view of our sacred mountains from Cojitambo, then continue to another Cañari/Inca site Ingapirca.
Nov 27th- Arquelogical Journey ( Cueva de Chobshi-Fotress of Duma)(by Sig-sig)
Here we will be able to feel a place our ancestors settled down 10,000yrs ago, and walk thru Cañari Cazique Duma Fortress.

Pottery Workshop 2-days
(LLacao Alquimia Hydro Finca)
Join us on this incredible two day workshop where we will be able to get in contact with our pachamama(mothernature) while we learn to create beautiful ceramic pottery .
(Spaces limited to 10 people)
Saturday November 9th and Tuesday November 19th

Ikat weaving workshop 2 -days
Don Jose Jimenez & Doña Anita
Come and discover how this ancestral weaving technique is being conserved and we will be able to learn the entire process of the weaving of a makana using the tie-dye weaving tech.
Friday Nov 15th & Saturday Nov 16th

Saraguro Journey
Come with us and discover this amazing ethnic Sargureños.
We will visit a few communites with our native guide as she and the members of the communities once again open and share their culture with us….we will also have a rejuvenating/cleansing Ceremony with a SaragureñoTaita.(wiseman)
Sunday Nov 10th & Sunday Dec 1st

Andes Coast Train Journey
Join us on this unique 3 day Train Journey where we will be able to feel & expierencing our Tren del Ecuador ascending from Huiga towards the Devils Nose(Sibambe) towards Alausi….
Wedensday Now 20th 9am to 6:30pm approx..

Following this Devils Nose adventure we will the do our second part which will be a one night stay in Guayquil on our drive down we will visit Howler monkey farm and the Historic Park of Guayaquil.
We will also then on another day have the opportunity of riding the train in our Coastal Plain (Tren de la Dulzura) passing thru sugarcane fields, rice patties..etc. Saturday Nov. 23rd & Sunday Nov. 24th
(please make your reservation in advance these spaces are also limited)

EcuaGenera Orchid Farm Journey
Come discover the amazing world of our Orchids, normally when you visit this orquideario it for about 45 minutes …we will have the opportunity of spending all day contemplating the beauty of nature and connecting ourselves to the pachamama, having lunch at the Orchid farm (we will visit 5 greenhouses with a biologist I will do the translation)
Tuesday Nov 12th and Monday Nov 25th 9 AM to 3:30 PM.
Make your reservation , we require a group of 6 people up to 10 max

We have a new journey for those who would like to experience some ancestral wisdom ….
Temazcal at Chobshi
(purify your spirit and rejuvenate your energies)
Saturday Nov 16th form 5 PM to midnight

Afterwards we will be staying overnight at “Quinta Maria Teresa” property of Don Hernan Cabrera who is one of the main person who has worked on the conservation of Cueva de Chobshi and Fortress of Duma 2 very important arqueological sites.

Sunday Nov 17th visit of the Museum of Chobshi, Cueva de Chobshi and Fortress of Duma
(1 night 2 days)

Hope this schedule can assist you and you decide to join us on our Journeys...

We can also create something special just for family and friends.....
Have a great month.


Luis Cordero 5-65. November. 2019