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Delicious Saigon food in Cuenc.

Asian food daily delivery:

Menu 2 course: $8/pp

☆ Crispy wonton with ground pork.
☆ Spicy chicken curry with coconut, carrot, zucchini, sweet potato. Served with rice.

- Fried egg roll with shrimps $5/3p.
- Spring rolls with shrimps. Lettuce, carrots, coleslaw. Coriander. $5/3p
- Steamed rice rolls with ground pork. $5/3p
- Crispy wonton with ground pork $5/8p
- Half moon pie fried with veggies, ground pork. $5/4p
- Coleslaw salad with shrimps. $5
- Chicken filet with Chinese mushroom. $6 Served with rice.
- Crispy pork belly with steamed rice and coleslaw salad. $6

We will serve special menu from 11 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays at cafe Ñucallacta plaza Otorongo

Oct 11th, La Condamine 13 .88. (Otorongo Plaza)

LanN: Cell phone and WhatsApp: 098 341 3469