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Committee for Pedestrian Safety - The Good, the Bad & the Exciting!

(Please read this update before commenting.)

As for sometime, we have been hearing from very enthusiastic physicians and other medical personnel as to the importance of this work. Upon viewing one of our bookmarks a dermatologist became very sad, and was very apologetic for not having done anything before CPS was formed. A trauma specialist scheduled a video, and a chiropractor is hanging our posters.

A dentist recently reported to a CPS member that he and his family, including his mother, were crossing with the light at an intersection. Suddenly a car came speeding around the corner. In their effort to escape, they all fell onto the high curb and were very nearly run over. He urged the CPS member: "Please be sure to continue this mission for saving lives. It is so important! I will certainly keep a supply of the CPS bookmarks on my receptionist's desk." Does your doctor display these?
Be very careful when crossing at intersections to look first for "corner speeders": many check only to see if the light is green for oncoming traffic.

Recently after checking closely before entering a crosswalk, a car suddenly pulled loosed from others perhaps half mile below me and sped up. Before I could reach the median, he sped past me. I could not run and bent to my right as he missed me by inches. It was terrifying! Now I know personally what many others have experienced who have barely escaped with their lives, cross-walk or no.

A young lawyer recently told me that if everyone would obey the law regarding crosswalks there would be no pedestrian deaths. "All pedestrians should use only crosswalks to cross the street. All vehicles should stop for them." He said pedestrians not in crosswalks should not expect to be safe. He swears he learned this in law school here. In other words, those drivers may injure and kill with impunity! This young man needs to read our materials to become aware that when he gets out from behind the wheel he too becomes a pedestrian. Regardless, his conviction is uncivilized to say the least. Attorneys with long-term practices opined that opinion is not true in Ecuador.
And what of crosswalks that are so far apart some pedestrians cannot get to them; not to mention the many streets without crosswalks. Clearly, changing the mentality in this city with record traffic deaths, is a long term job, but not impossible. Read on!

One or two cars have recently stopped for me with others passing them. That is not safe and I do not cross in such cases. However, a few days ago as I was waiting on the median for oncoming traffic to pass, to my great joy and surprise a taxi and another car stopped simultaneously side-by-side! I have not had this happen before. When I told my news reporter friend, she excitedly told me of one stopping for her the day before on a two-way street. Even a bus stopped for another CPS member! We need your help to continue and increase this progress.

To help us save many of the 600,000 lives in Cuenca with its national record rate of pedestrian deaths, please contact us at

For free materials of bookmarks and posters in English and Spanish to distribute to your doctor, family, friends, church, and stores where you shop! (For reason unknown to me and GringoPost, we are unable to respond here to queries to this post. Please send questions to the above noted email address.)

Director Sylvia Zook