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Why do so many people who are already Ecuador expats buy this book?

Ecuador expats who have bought my book tell me it's because even though they may no longer be interested in why people move here, or what expats like and don't like about it - which is covered in spades by the book - they are very interested in book topics about their new home like the following:

- The makeup of the new expat mix (where they're moving from, age, income, etc.)
- What motivates an estimated 50% or so of expats to move back to the States or elsewhere after 2 -  3 years
- Keys to being a successful expat, especially here in Ecuador
- What Ecuadorians think of expats
- Stats and advice on crime and safety
- All about health care and insurance options
- The history of Cuenca earthquakes and the likelihood of "the big one"
- How other expat's cost of living compares to their own
- How other expat's manage their income, banking and money transfers
- Where to buy things
- Tutorials on unfamiliar produce and fruits
- Tips on communicating with the outside world
- Ecuador political history and current trends
- What defines each of the many Ecuador provinces
- World Bank statistics on imports/exports, gross national product, average incomes, etc.
- Additional links and books on Ecuador and relocation
- Links to options for learning Spanish

That and much more now adds up to 457 pages. Expats tell me that's a real bargain for the $9.97 Kindle version, and that the book pays for itself many times over by the ways it helps expats *save* money, make better choices and have realistic expectations.

The book's title is "Relocating to Ecuador - Eyes Wide Open: All manner of balanced facts and insights that the author wishes had been available to evaluate and facilitate his own move to Cuenca, Ecuador five years ago (Third Edition: Updates and some 150 pages of *new topics*).

The book is available on Amazon as Kindle and softcover (the softcover is silly-priced due to Amazon requirements - but some people love that book-in-hand experience). Just search the book section on Amazon for "relocating to Ecuador" and the book listing for both versions will come right up.

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