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What did the chicken say to salmon?

Nothing, silly. Chickens don't talk,

It is Friday and I apologize for the corny joke, here is one that is really funny;

A man was driving along a freeway when he noticed a chicken running alongside his car.

He was amazed to see the chicken keeping up with him, as he was doing 50 mph.

He accelerated to 60, and the chicken stayed right next to him.
He sped up to 75 mph, and the chicken passed him.

The man then noticed that the chicken had three legs. So, he followed the chicken down a road and ended up at a farm.

He got out of his car and saw that all the chickens had three legs. He asked the farmer, "What's up with these chickens?"

The farmer said, "Well, everybody likes chicken legs, so I bred a three-legged bird. I'm going to be a millionaire."

The man asked him how they tasted.

The farmer replied, "Don't know, haven't caught one yet."

The special is not 3-legged chicken, but it does contain chicken. Actually, we have two specials today assuming our Chilean salmon shows up. The first special is Chicken Fajitas. First we marinate the chicken in Chili's (the restaurant) fajita marinade. Second, we cook it (unless you are one of those people that prefer their chicken raw). Then we put it on a tortilla with onions, peppers, guacamole and cheese. In North Carolina, my chicken fajitas draw crowds from miles away. These are not to be missed, especially if you like fajitas. 1 fajita and a house salad is $4.50, 2 fajitas are $5.95 and each fajita thereafter is $1.50.

The second special is Chilean Salmon (assuming it arrives). I am not sure how I am going to cook it, but it is going to be good. There will only be 6 portions available. The meal will be ample and will probably include some freshly steamed broccoli, rice and a cappuccino all for the very reasonable price of $7.95.

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the rename the Vegetable Bar...Winner gets free lunch, once per week for a year. Go to to enter.

We are open 9 AM to 5 PM Monday - Saturday and 9 AM to 3 PM on Sundays for all you can eat brunch. We are located at Ordonez Lasso y Los Cedros in edificio Los Cedros next to Mundo Digital and across the street from Produbanco.

The new Vegetable Bar where vegetables and other not so healthy but really delicious food is served, jokes are made (sometimes politically incorrect), regular customers show up wearing tinfoil hats, the owner may be a little snarky, but is fun nonetheless and where the coffee is always free.

September 27, 2019, Ordonez Lasso y Ave. Los Cedros 5-58

Dave:  098 935 8169