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Vielight Nuero Alpha

Vielight brain photobiomodulation devices combine electrical engineering and neuroscience, using microchip-boosted cold LED diodes to generate substantial power without releasing heat, enabling direct contact with the body’s surface to maximize energy transmission and penetration. Vielight uses a Patented intranasal photobiomodulation technology to uniquely stimulate the ventral area of the brain, which contains important areas otherwise unreachable transcranially.

Designed to enhance cerebral blood flow and brain function, it delivers transcranial/intranasal 810nm NIR light, pulsed at a gamma oscillation of 40 Hz. The benefits of heightened gamma waves are increased focus and improved memory encoding. 

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Dementia and in June 2018, began using this unit. With just 20 minutes a day, a few days per week, after a year I fully recovered. The device has been sitting in the cupboard unused for a couple months. Since I no longer need it, perhaps someone else is suffering memory loss or other impairment of brain function, so I'm offering it for sale. Vielight works, I am living proof. You can also read 36 different published studies and ongoing clinical trials here:

Retails for $1749 (, this unit is only two years old and very well cared for...comes with charger, owner's manual and original packing material. Asking $1450.

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City: Cuenca