GringoPost | Ecuador: Taxi drivers overcharging by taking the scenic route

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Taxi drivers overcharging by taking the scenic route

I drive a car in Cuenca and rarely take public transport nor taxis. There are certain journeys I drive frequently and I know the most direct route and also the slightly longer, but quicker alternative routes, when the traffic is heavy.

I took 2 taxis this week - one I hailed in the street; the other was hailed using the new AzuTaxi app.

In both cases, the drivers decided to take a considerably longer route, which I assume was a financially driven decision on their part. I know it's "back to school time", which can be expensive, but I really thought they were taking the Michael.

As soon as I realized what was happening, I explained in my best Spanish, that I usually drive a car and that their chosen route was not the most direct nor quickest. The mention of “lardon” quickly got their attention.

Neither driver denied nor admitted to their behavior. I sensed they were embarrassed to have been found out.

I then introduced a third party into the situation - Google maps. Thereafter I gave them clear instructions left, right, straight etc. I also ranted my full fury on them, when we arrived at the destination, but did pay them.

I'm assuming others have had similar experiences, I don't think I was unfortunate to meet the only two rogue Cuenca taxi drivers this week.

Please be aware of and look out for this unfortunate behavior and don't tolerate it.

Jim Gould

City: Cuenca