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Successful strategies for online marketing - beginners

You really don't want to miss this class.

Zoom overview -
Tuesday, September 10
7-9 PM CST - Ecuador
Need to load Zoom software

Live / in person class
Thursday - September 12th,
5-8 PM –
Plaza Otorongo – Cuenca

Please reserve by sending a reservation request to the email and I will send instructions. You don't need to be in Ecuador to attend the call. Please come to the Zoom Presentation Tuesday at no risk to you just some great education and we will offer a great overview and apply $15 towards whichever curriculum steps you choose next.

Online Strategic Curriculum:
Social Media & Branding Modules You Can Use to Build Your Online Business.
We have completed our Social Media Module which is a brilliant "do It yourself" 3-part module on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube plus a Bonus section. This is an amazing in-depth and targeted teaching tool and application on how to build your online brand with the three most popular social media.

The Modular Curriculum - "Do It Yourself" with Online Group Support.
We also just completed a new Module on Building Your Personal Brand Online. Finally, we also show our clients how to design and utilize the fastest-growing digital software to increase conversion and position your brand, product or service in the marketplace. A sales funnel is a very inexpensive psychological, graphic e-commerce template that replaces the website and re-directs your customers to make a purchase and receive more education with directional upsell and down-sell prompts. 

Online Strategic Consulting:
Some people also hire us to consult with them about how to use Social Media to take their business to the next level and help successfully position their brand, service or product in the marketplace. Private message Michael and we can discuss that as well or meet when we are there this week.

Don Gies is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved with all-things internet marketing for three years now. He is well versed in e-commerce, branding, internet marketing, social media marketing and internet sales. He has studied the systems of highly successful internet marketers and has a wide variety of knowledge regarding how to launch different types of products or services.

Michael H. Bennett has been in sales marketing and advertising for over 25 years. Owner and partner of three advertising agencies from 2001 – 2008 in Oregon, Hawaii and Arizona. Services included branding, promotions, print, publishing, product development, packaging, article development, expos and conferences, corporate sponsorship packages, E-Book design and website development. Retired from the advertising agency business in 2008 to follow passion with the environment and stewardship of the elementals of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Excited to partner with Don in helping others make the leap into the digital age.

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Zoom overview - read below! Tuesday, September 10, 2019 – 7-9 pm CST - Ecuador - Need to load Zoom software live in person in Cuenca, Thursday - September 12th, 3 PM, 209 W 2nd St., Suite 102, Cuenca.

Michael Bennett: +593 96 771 9338. Call after: 9 AM.