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Stop missing out & start speaking Spanish

¿Cómo? What is that you say?

One of the most common mistakes I see people making when learning Spanish or any foreign language, is focusing their attention on the words they don't know.

Is this you?

When participating in a conversation, when reading, when watching videos or movies - it doesn't matter. It's the same thing.

You focus more on the words you don't know then what you do know (regardless of how few these are)

What I mean is that if you're in a Spanish conversation and a word comes up that you don't know, you automatically fixate your attention on that word.

You start thinking to yourself (sometimes even subconsciously), "What does that word mean?" "I've never heard of that word before"... While in the meantime, the conversation goes on and suddenly you feel completely lost.

Now let's go back and look at this again. Rewind.

What if instead of focusing on the words you don't know, you shift your focus to the ones that you do know?

So instead of losing track of the conversation because you're stumped by this foreign word, you just hold onto the words that you know. You use them as a tool to help you understand.

You follow the conversation, without stopping to analyze anything. When new words appear, you simply ignore them and continue to focus on the next word and then the next. Never wavering away from the storyline or the overall message.

Have you ever given this a try?

Most people haven't, but if you have, then you'll know that you can often figure out what's being communicated to you, based on the context (the rest of the words surrounding the one you don't know).

If you focus on what you know, even if you only know about 30-40%, you can piece these words together to understand the overall message.

Don't worry about missing out on the new words. You likely wouldn't have had the time to ask about them in most conversations anyway.

Plus, if the word is important enough, it will come up again in future encounters, over and over again, until you start to understand it because of how it's used in context.

If you can do this, you will instantly improve your listening comprehension. You will find yourself instinctively understanding phrases without even knowing all of the words within them. It's so cool.

This is one of the techniques Laurie used to go from comprehending about 20-30% of casual Spanish conversations to 60% of common casual conversations.

If you're ready to experience the same results, you're in luc.

I have just the program for you.

My 12-week online training program is designed with the sole purpose of helping you improve your fluency with spoken Spanish.

We show you the most effective fluency techniques and provide you with the resources you need to interact directly with the language (through communication) so that you learn it in a more natural and instinctive manner.

Book your free consultation today at to learn about what you need to do in order to start thinking in Spanish and to see if we can help you make it happen.

Canoa, Ecuador.