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RU Numbers


I am English, and the HMRC is asking me for a Tax Identification Number, TIN, to process my pension payments.

I have a permanent residents visa, 9-I retired person, with no commercial interests in the country, and a cedula which I also believe to be permanent.

I am informed that the cedula number can be used to derive the RUC, which I believe equates to a British TIN number.

My cedula is 096801308-6

Will my RUC be 096801308001 or maybe 0968013086001 or maybe 0968013080001

I am also told it should be 13 digits, but whether it needs 001 or 0001 added to the end is unclear or whether or not to use the check digit or not.

With the greatest of respect no guesses on this one, my receiving my pension is resting on it!

Also, do I have to go to the SRI to register it, or will just knowing the format probably be enough.

Thanks for any information you have, greatly appreciated

Alex Pryde