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Recommendation for Edwin Loja, construction/building-manager, electrician, transporter

Building a home in Ecuador can be a slow and often frustrating process. We hired Edwin Loja as our home building manager for our project in the Cuenca area. He assisted us in the planning phase and construction of our access road and even contacted the local municipality to assist in our efforts. Before we hired Edwin we had nothing but problems with our neighbor who had an agenda to hinder us to put a road in to access our property. After a year and a half of painful experience we hired Edwin and he took care of our problem. Now, a month and a half later we have a wonderful brand-new road and the dump trucks can access our property without any problem to deliver building materials.

Edwin is now assisting us with the planning and building of the foundation. He is fluent in English and has an engineering background. He is also working on getting electricity on to our property after the local electric company told us they don't have any desire to get electricity for us for the next 2-2.5 years or so, which to us meant, never. Edwin found a way around it and is now working tirelessly to get us electricity. He is already halfway there. He has recently completed building a beautiful new home for his own family. I can recommend him to you as a manager / facilitator for any of your projects here in Ecuador. Edwin is a gentleman, very reliable with great management skills. He is also an excellent transporter for goods and passengers.  He is easy to get a hold of on WhatsApp or by local phone and is always on time for his appointments. This guy is amazing, he can do almost anything. Or if he can't, he knows reliable people who can.

Address: Cuenca, Paute, Guachapala, Chaullabamba, the Rainforest

Contact information: +593 99 371 3936 , 099 371 3936

Recommended by Gary Fagner: