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Pull up a chair, take a taste, come join us, life is delicious

Especially at the new Vegetable Bar. 

As our first month in business comes to a close it is time to reflect on the awesome things that have taken place. 

First, we were not abducted by aliens. I have heard that there are some people who look like people but are actually lizards from another planet hanging out in Cuenca. For the record, I don't believe this but I wear my tin-foil hat around the house just in case. I have learned it is best to hedge your bet when you can. To all the Lizard People out there, if you are in fact real, my apologies for making light of your existence. Please come by for a free scone and cappuccino. 

Second, I learned that, contrary to all the evidence otherwise, the earth is flat. This has rocked my world to its very core. I am wondering how so many people could be so wrong. I also learned that all the photos from space that prove the earth is round are fakes. Who knew? On that note my life has settled down a bit as I have reasoned that I am safe as long as I don't venture too close to the edge of the earth. And, should I decide that a little risk is needed, as long as I tether myself to a rock or sturdy object, I should be OK if I fall over the edge of the earth assuming I am wearing a space suit. For all of you that still believe the earth is round, come by and get a free cinnamon bun with the purchase of a cappuccino or Latte. 

Thirdly, I learned about chem trails. I don't know much about them except that some sort of secret society (perhaps made up of Lizard People) are killing everyone on the planet with a secret sauce that they eject out of airplanes as they fly overhead. I think we are safe here in Cuenca because I rarely see any planes flying over and when I do they are usually on final approach to land. So, the moral of the story is, Cuenca is a great place to live because we aren't exposed to chem trails as much as other places like Las Vegas or Miami or even Milwaukee. If you don't believe chem trails are going to rain terror down upon you and turn you into a walking skeleton, please stop in and get your choice of a scone or cinnamon bun for free with the purchase of a cappuccino or latte.

I have also learned that our turkey open face sandwiches are a hit and everyone has been asking when we are going to do it again. First, I have to confer with the head of the Lizard People. Assuming he says it is OK, we are looking at Thursday or Friday of this week. 

Also, we are going to be open on Sundays from now on from 9 AM - 3 PM. It will be a day of all you can eat scrambled eggs with all the fixins', French toast, fruit salad with a complementary mimosa or cappuccino all for the very flat-world price of $9.95.

As you may have heard, we are changing the name of The Vegetable Bar mostly because people have been kind enough to point out that we are not serving many vegetables. I don't know where these people are from because where I am from Bacon, Chicken, Turkey and Hamburger are the 4 essential food groups. So, we are having a contest. We are giving away a free lunch every week for a year for the person that comes up with the best name. For more details and to enter go to:

Lastly, the special for today is cheeseburger subs. These subs are delicious. They are 6.4 ounces of hamburger, covered with cheese, placed on one of our custom baked sub rolls with avocado, tomato and lettuce. If you are brave enough we now have sriracha mayonnaise which will add a special kind of zing to your burger. Add some mega chips and a pickle and you have one heck of a meal.

Our hours are Mon-Sat 9 AM - 5 PM and Sunday 9 AM - 3 PM.

Whether the earth is flat or round, we are located on Ordonez Lasso y Los Cedros 5-58 next to Mundo Digital and across the street from Produbanco.

The new Vegetable Bar is endorsed by the Lizard People and the coffee is always free.

September 17, 2019, Ordonez Lasso y Ave. Los Cedros 5-58

Dave:  098 935 8169