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Health insurance and IESS

Having just gotten a two-year visa, I've started looking for health insurance. From talking to a couple of other expats, I was expecting a monthly cost of about $70. A broker I contacted, however, told me a policy with a private company would cost me in excess of $200 a month. So, today hoping to find a better price, I went to the IESS office on the corner of Gran Colombia and Hermano Miguel to inquire about coverage with IESS. I was told I was not eligible because I wasn't an employee or business owner with an Ecuadorian social security number. Thinking there was a misunderstanding, I tried to make it clear that I wanted to pay for health insurance through IESS, but the man insisted I could not and would have to arrange to get it from a private company. Looking online I find a lot of confusing information, including statements that the law, or the interpretation of it, depends on the official you're talking to. If anyone has any helpful, first-hand, information to provide, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

William Bolton

City: Cuenca