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Have you wondered what the Rough Knuckle Sconery is about?

Thanks to your purchases of Rough Knuckle Scones and Biscotti from our retail partners:
Slow Brew Coffee Shop, Telicioso Tea Room, the new Vegetable Bar and Cafe del Museo del Sombrero de Paja Toquilla we have been able to donate $741 to the Cuenca Soup Kitchen.

Below is a quote from Desmion M Dizney of the Cuenca Soup Kitchen:

"Thank you Rough Knuckle approximately .93¢ per meal, your donations have provided 796 hot meals to hungry people. We cannot thank you enough for your generous labor of love! For more information please visit"

Because doing nothing was not an option. Because walking past the displaced Venezuelans we encountered on the streets of Cuenca, perhaps handing out a dollar here or there didn't seem enough and was unsustainable over the long haul. And because we decided to make a lifelong bout of insomnia and love of baking into something that helped our city of Cuenca cope with wave after wave of tired, hungry and desperate immigrant families, we will continue to bake, sell and donate all of our profit to the Cuenca Soup Kitchen. Because, by making, baking and selling one scone at a time, we can give people nourishment and hope. 

The team at Rough Knuckle Sconery
One scone at a time.


City: Cuenca