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Customer service rep job opening

Good morning,

Tomorrow will be the third-year anniversary of our move to Cuenca. We came here with the thought that, “If you can work from home, home can be anywhere.” I guess that’s turned out to be true…at least so far. 

Today, there are 10 of us living in Cuenca working for American companies. We provide a wide range of services: inbound and outbound sales, customer service, web design, software development, mobile apps, billing and order entry...etc.

A client has asked us to hire one more expat to work in their customer service operation answering inbound calls taking orders and dealing with customers who call with questions. This company manufactures and distributes a wall mounted space heater and their busy season is from September to April, so this is seasonal work. We have two people working with them now and this is our second year with this company.

The salary is $7 an hour and yes, we know that’s not much. Every year we try to raise the rate and the answer is simple: “if we want to pay more, we’ll just hire someone to work in our office here in Houston.” Anyway, it is what it is. I actually worked for this company as a rep last year for the same hourly rate. This year, I am too busy with other projects or I would just take the job myself.

The hours are 8 to 5 CST Monday through Friday. This is a work from home job, and you need a reasonably powerful computer…at least an I5 PC running Windows 10… and a dependable high-speed internet connection that delivers a minimum of 10 meg to handle our VoIP system. We will provide the phone.

Just to be clear and transparent, in terms of the salary, our concept is to come in, somewhere between what the employer would pay someone in the US and what they would pay someone in India or the Philippines. So, if the job would pay $10 in Houston, we ask the client to pay $7 or $8 to someone living in Cuenca. We make 10% for handling billing and the technology so we are not getting rich.

Anyway, if you or someone you know would be interested in learning more about this job, please feel free to send me your contact information or give me a call.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Good luck to us all.

Cuenca. Open

Steve Feuerbacher: 095 927 9375