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Committee for Pedestrian Safety - update

(Please read this update before commenting below.)

We just received an email from a respected and well-known gentleman who reported:

"Today was a miraculous day. I was walking and crossing the big roundel down at SuperMaxi LA, and had drivers at every corner stop for me voluntarily so I could cross. Amazing what your campaign has done with the Lord's help." [Not coincidentally, our posters and bookmarks are at that busy supermarket.)

When dashboard stickers were handed out to drivers at red lights some months ago, stating that the most important thing is for drivers to arrive at their destinations, we strongly took issue in a report here. The most important thing is that drivers don't kill pedestrians enroute to destinations.

Of course we have a long way to go toward changing drivers' mentality. A couple of weeks ago an 87-year old man suffered two hours before dying from his horrendous injuries after being hit in the back when a speeding driver ignored the daughter's waving arms in the crosswalk, and illegally attempted to go around the old gentleman. (Drivers are legally required to stop for pedestrians whether in crosswalks or not.)

A couple days later a young mother of two and four-year olds, was also destroyed. Then two motorcyclists were killed by hit and run drivers on the same day in separate "accidents" as they all were reported. (We don't call these kinds of killings "accidents." Out of control, speeding vehicles can do equal or more damage than guns.)

The last two killings occurred as the friendly, caring management of another SuperMaxi, El Vergel, was graciously consenting to CPS hanging powerful posters at each door there, and leaving our newest bookmarks for the cashiers to share with the 1,500 families that shop there daily.

Oro Verde Hotel on Ordonez Lasso has recently hung our posters there as well on the coffee shop doors and on doors at the parking lot entrance. These will enhance the effectiveness of our bookmarks there in several locations with positive reports from those displays for some time.

Meanwhile, Quito's Schullo Foods (soon to become all organic) available at SuperMaxi, is now assisting in the consistent effort to stop the killing by supporting the cost of these supplies provided us at discount by the generous printer, Grafisum, who donated the first 8,000 bookmarks and now provides them at significant discount.

I have been asked to do videos for the Panamerican Trauma Society to be viewed throughout South America as well as Cuenca. I am also considering another video for a local safety organization.
When last we heard, the contract for the flat speed bump on Ordonez Lasso was given to Public Works several months ago with sub-contractor hired at that time. This work remains to be desperately needed, particularly for those with walkers, and children crossing this busy street. Lowering of the high curbs at crossings and removal of medians at crosswalks, continue to be urgently needed as photos clearly demonstrate.

This committee met with the kind new director of EMOV sometime ago regarding these urgently needed, life-saving improvements. Not only pedestrians are crushed and their bodies mangled, families suffer the indescribably painful effects of this mentality for many years. This Director's reaching out was of the most sensitive ever regarding the brutal, sudden slaying of my husband of 52 years, by a hit and run followed by another speeding driver running over him, This true civil servant said: "I cannot imagine how this must be for you; but I am trying to understand."

My vision when I formed this committee was to make Cuenca one of the safest cities in Ecuador for pedestrians, rather than the most dangerous, as at present, according to radio and other reports.

Your contribution to saving lives by distributing the book marks in consenting business establishments and sharing with friends and family, could be very effective toward this life-saving, community mission affecting 600,000 Cuencanos and 5,000 gringos.

Please contact us at our email address for bookmarks and posters to share in public outlets :

Committee for Pedestrian Safety

Sylvia Zook, PhD, founder and director