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Artesian blankets, ponchos, trinkets are on trend, act now

Latin America is known for its array of artisanal handcrafts. We know that these items are always a big hit amongst tourists, but did you know that the demand for artisanal goods is at an all-time high right now in the United States? Up until recently, we could thank online markets like Etsy for leading this movement but now even Amazon has its own Handmade Division! Artisanal Clothing, Blankets and Trinkets are on trend! The truth is that buyers are willing to pay more for an item with a story... items they cannot buy in their local Mall.

The harsh reality is that it's not typically easy to get products from Latin America to the United States. Between language barriers and work culture differences, it's not easy to run a business which relies heavily on consistency and the “instant gratification” buying behaviors of the US. But this is exactly why it is a huge opportunity since not many are able and willing to do it.

But we did it! And now we are looking for business partners that can benefit from our hard work and experience.

If you have the ambition and always wanted to develop and grow a business but did not have the know-how, now you have us to guide you and facilitate. You can own your own business and benefit from this huge trend. The time is now! Even Vogue says that "Fall 2019 is all about the Poncho!" See for yourself - - -

We look forward to hearing and implementing your ideas into a reality!

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