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A message for all non-US foreigners considering relocating to Ecuador

It seems that when US citizen-writers write books about expatriating to Ecuador (and every other place for that matter), they so often write as if it is only US citizens that they are talking to. I know. Because I just published a July 2019 update of my book (originally published in 2015) with not only updates but some 200 pages of new topics. And I’ve since realized that I am as guilty as the rest of the writers.

As I selected new topics for the book update and composed what I wanted to say about them, I admit that, almost invariably, I was thinking about what I thought US citizens would want to now - or more importantly, what I felt they *needed* to know - about that subject. That’s because, being a US citizen myself my whole life, I feel like I *know* US citizens. So, I naturally gravitate towards their interests.

But you know what? It actually doesn’t matter one whit.

Because I’ve learned from talking with expats here in Ecuador that people everywhere - citizens of every country - who are contemplating expatriating to a foreign country have the same questions, the same fears, the same anxieties, the same doubts. So unintentional or not, my book unwittingly answers the questions on the minds of people all over the world about living in Ecuador, especially the expat darling city of Cuenca:

-Why do foreigners choose Ecuador as a place to live?
-What do expats there like and don’t like about it?
-What are the challenges of adjusting to the culture?
-What are the main reasons that expats end up leaving Ecuador after 2 - 3 years?
-What is day-to-day living like there?
-What is the weather like?
-What does it really cost to live there?
-How safe is it?
-What are the visa requirements for visiting or residing there?
-What is its history of natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, etc.
-How big an issue is language going to be?
-How is the availability and quality of health, dental and mental care?
-How friendly are the people?
-What is the educational system for children like?
-How do other expats feel about leaving family and close friends behind in their country of origin?
-How do the natives of the country feel about foreigners?
-What can’t I get there than I can get back home?
-What is the political and governmental environment?
-How’s the economy?
-Could I earn an income there if desired?

At 457 pages, the recent update of my book - “Relocating to Ecuador - Eyes Wide Open: All manner of balanced facts and insights that the author wishes had been available to evaluate and facilitate his own move to Cuenca Ecuador five years ago” is the most extensive - and certainly the most forthright and balanced - book on relocating to Ecuador. It answers all of the above questions, and many, many more, in great detail.

So whether you live in Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Australia, China, Sweden, Panama, Mexico or anywhere else on Earth - as long as you can read English, you should find this book most informative and enlightening regarding whether Ecuador is a place for you. And, by the way, you will almost surely find fellow expatriates from your home country here.

The book is available at Amazon in Kindle ($9.97) and softcover formats (the softcover is silly-priced due to unavoidable Amazon requirements - I apologize. But some people just love that book-in-hand experience, so it's important to accommodate them.)

At Amazon, just search the book category for “relocating to Ecuador” and both format will come right up.

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