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What is EMF and Grounding #13?

In this installment will be talking about not only about grounding but also about EMF. As many of you know it is rather dangerous to live in a dwelling that is not grounded for a number of reasons. When a property is not correctly grounded then your electronic equipment and your appliances won't be grounded resulting in you, your loved ones and your pets exposed to being shocked.

We at Blackberry Electric offer free grounding inspection in your property. It is better to know than not to know.

With regards to Electric Magnetic Fields (EMF). We have heard about this subject many times in the news and lately on YouTube, especially now that we are threatened with 5G antennas all over the place which could get worse once the telecom companies figure out how to use the satellites to beam the 5G signal back to earth. EMF is all around us, in ourselves, our electronic equipment, appliances, lights, switches, in the walls, in the bedrooms, the children rooms, the cellar, cell phones, routers, high tension power lines, cell towers, etc. There are a number of sources for EMF, but here are three of the most common: magnetic fields, electric fields and radiofrequency
The US federal government has not established exposure limits, but individual states have adopted regulations regarding limits. Many researchers have announced there are no problems associated with staying below the following numbers:

Magnetic Fields: 3mG (Gauss).
Electric Fields: 50V/m or 50 Volts per meter
Radiofrequency: 0.200 mW/m2 or 200 milliwatts per square meter

Exposure levels mentioned here are typical readings taken from homes and offices that are relatively low in total electromagnetic fields. Some practitioners may recommend somewhat different levels.
In the European Union the ICNIRP is used, the limits are set much higher than the numbers above.
The World Health Organization follows the ICNIRP guidelines.

There are ways to mitigate the EMF threat per example moving to a different bedroom if the one you are using is “contaminated”, locating and correcting electric outlets, switches, wiring, breaker boxes, etc, that are most commonly associated with EMFs issues. Avoid living under or close to high tension power lines. Shut off your cell phones while you are sleeping, do not bring anything that generates EMFs into your bedroom, if possible shut off your wifi router when not in use, avoid wireless game consoles, avoid wireless anything and preferably connect with Ethernet cat5 or cat6 cable all the things that can be wired.

We at Blackberry can inspect your house or apartment for EMF for a small fee. We'll give you a report of our findings then with the report in hand you can make an educated decision.
If you need the sources for the information here provided, please just send me an email and I gladly send you the links.

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