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VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca

An important note about our nurses and caregivers…

Some GringoPost readers have asked about how we can find such great nurses and caregivers.

Excellent question.

We value our staff more than we can express—each one is an amazing person with a ton of compassion and skill. We work hard to provide our staff with the training and tools to not only excel at their Caregiving Career, but to achieve their dreams.

Some highlights of how we make this happen:

• How do we hire? Before we ever hire a caregiver or nurse, we do multiple interviews and an
extensive background check including conversations with work references, family, and friends. If
they have the appropriate experience/training/aptitude/attitude and a compatible work history, we
will hire them and after training, they will accompany one or more of our caregivers as an
apprentice in training with an actual client. Whether they are experienced caregivers or nurses
with years of prior experience, this helps to introduce them to our VIP culture and level of high-
quality care, giving confidence to the client, caregiver, and our clinical supervisor alike.
• We provide full benefits to our staff. We are compliant with all the appropriate government
agencies. We verify professional certifications. These steps provide protection to our
employees, the company, and our clients. “Informal” workers can file complaints with the Labor
ministry at any time, even years after employment has ended . . . we will never take this risk with
ourselves, clients or workers. VIP will never hire “under the table.”
• We provide opportunities to advance and help our staff with training, and more advanced
certifications. We work hard provide a dynamic company culture of opportunity where
competence and compassion are rewarded and integrated throughout the organization.
• Our caregivers know their boundaries and observe them carefully. We use an advanced
geo-located time-clock system for check in/check out. Honesty, respect, and client confidentiality
are paramount. Our caregivers work from a care-plan created specifically to each client’s
individual situation (in consultation with your physician where appropriate).

VIP’s Caregivers are trained and ready. When you’re ready to experience the VIP Home
Healthcare difference for yourself, give us a call. We’re here for you.

Phone: 098 329 8243

Victor Manuel Albornoz 4-97 y los Cedros.

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca:  098 329 8243