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Thieves in town during holidays

Beware that the thieves are already arriving for the holiday celebrations. In past years a small group of kids pickpocketed many gringos on the Benigno Malo stairs that lead down to 3 de Noviembre/12 de Abril. I saw the same group today near Parque Calderon, same MO as in years before. They are carrying colorful posters advertising some event. The kids will approach you and get very close to you trying to show you the posters. While you try to read what's on the posters they zoom in on your pockets and quickly relieve you of your personal items. Last year they were also reportedly on the Escalinata that leads from Calle Larga to 3 de Noviembre/Parque de la Madre. I watched today as one of the little pre-teen boys tried to get my friend’s phone while shielding his thieving little hands from view with the poster. I yelled out "Ladrones" and they retreated. I saw them a little later and the older teen picked up a rock from the sidewalk and tried to hit me from across the street. The photo attached is only a few of the gang. The others were out of the frame.

Don't be a victim.

Mike Frohling

City: Cuenca