GringoPost | Ecuador: The Free 5G Crisis Summit starts on Monday, Aug 26th, 2019

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The Free 5G Crisis Summit starts on Monday, Aug 26th, 2019

This is an online docuseries on the global rollout of the next generation of wireless internet connectivity called 5G.

Many of the world’s leading independent scientists as well as licensed and board-certified medical doctors, and other professionals, are gravely concerned about the health impact of 5G on humanity.

One of the leading experts is Prof. Martin Pall, Ph.D. The scientific studies he brings forward during the summit, and the ramifications... are of startling importance if humanity is going to make it through this crisis. His in-depth analysis, the sited peer-reviewed science, the greed and cover-up by government, and mainstream media is honestly quite shocking.

My friend Josh del Sol is one of the co-hosts and I have seen a little bit of what is about to be released to the public via this summit. I believe this is an extremely important event, but don’t take my word for it. Learn for yourself about what 5G really is, what it means for your health, and what you can do to protect yourself.

You can watch the preview and/or sign-up for the free online summit here:

August 26th - September 1st 2019, Free, Online, Cuenca.