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Supplies for parrot toys

My husband and I are new to Cuenca and have been volunteering at the aviary on the grounds of Parque Pumapungo. After speaking with the (volunteer) veterinarian, we found that there's a need for toys for the birds--something to stimulate their minds and curiosities and to allow them to "forage" a bit for food. We are more than happy to help out with purchasing (and foraging, ourselves) for supplies to make toys, but there are several things we're having trouble locating. 

We're seeking natural jute rope and twine; unfinished, unstained, unpainted wooden beads, chunks, branches, or pieces of bird-safe wood (balsa, poplar, ash, elm, maple, walnut, apple, birch, dragonwood, manzanita, or javawood, to name several); toilet paper and paper towel tubes; bird-safe bells; clean cardboard inserts or packing material; palm fronds; bamboo; chain; hooks; carabiner clips; whole grains & nuts; coconut shells (with or without the coconut!); and anything else you think might be good for our purposes.

If you have any of these items you'd like to donate, we'd be more than happy to take them off your hands. If you know where we can acquire some of these things at reasonable prices, your recommendations would be appreciated. In short, we're looking for the cheapest, best materials we can find that will help to make these birds' lives in captivity happier and more stimulating.

Thanks for your time and ideas.


City: Cuenca