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Looking for green suggestions for a food delivery business

Hey Y’all,

My name is Dave. I’m a Canadian and have lived in Cuenca for almost 10 years. I’m starting a little soup and sweets business with a green model. Deliveries in Cuenca will be by bicycle. Containers will be reusable (not single-use plastics).

My question then is: Do any of you have any suggestions for what type of containers to use? For example, I make a dessert bar called Nanaimo Bars. The full slab is 14” (36 cm) x 9 ½” (24 cm). I’ll be cutting it into 3 equal pieces, each 9 ½” (24 cm) long x 4 2/3” (12 cm) wide to sell. The slab can be cut into about 8 nice size portions. Coral has plastic reusable containers that would accommodate a 9 1/2 x 4 2/3" slab for $1.27.

The customers will pay for the container with their 1st order, and when they make a second order, the new container will be free. Does that sound reasonable? Appealing? Since I’ll be doing the deliveries on a bike myself, I’ll be able to take the containers you already have to reuse/recycle.

So, any suggestions out there about types, brands and materials of reusable containers for desserts and soups?

Any other constructive suggestions for this business model?

One more thing: I’ve been looking for fresh dill plants, and have come up dry so far. What I have found is fennel. I need the dill to make the best Canadian borscht on the planet. If you can help me find fresh dill and or plants, I’ll give you a gallon (American :) of borscht that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

David Coote: 098 498 3562. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca