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Ecuador Agricultural Tour (EAT) September 9-14 2019

Ecuador Agricultural Tour (EAT) September 9 -14, 2019
We are booking our next small group tour today (5-12 travelers)

This season we celebrate the festival in Imbabura province called Fiesta del Yamor, a celebration of the fall equinox. Yamor is a non-alcoholic drink made of several types of corn. The tour begins in Quito and heads north to Ibarra during the special Koya/Colla Raymi fiesta (festival of the moon) of Quito along the spine of the Andes.

This tour runs 6 days – 5 nights, September 9 -14, 2019 Tour starts and finishes in Quito
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It includes travel through beautiful Zuleta country where last year we planted potatoes with the community, visited a unique museum of farm equipment, ate a communal lunch and sampled their cheeses. We are planning visits this year to Valle Chota, warm country where sugarcane grows. Other planned stops, Ibarra - where lakes and mountains provide incomparable vistas, Cahuasqui, Urcuqui and Otavalo, Peguche and a large hacienda owned by a North American former Peace Corps volunteer married to an Ecuadorian will host us and much more.

This tour is an informal, fascinating look at agriculture and farming as well as getting to know fall cultural traditions in the Andes. You participate in farm activities of planting, etc. as you see fit -- there are many other community equinox festivities at this time of year. Lots of opportunities for photos and hikes! We specially invite Ecuadorians, please join us.

Call today for details, prices, schedules. Check the web site for (EAT) as well as Ecuador Expat Journeys Special Outings and Tours

We need to book this tour by August 23, 2019.-- so call today.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Cuenca. September 9 -14

Susan Schloth and Jonathan Hall: 096 841 9412 WhatsApp or call