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50/50 cash auction

Hi, I'm Scarlett Braden and many of you helped when my husband was recently hospitalized.
Since he arrived in Ecuador the end of April he has been under almost constant medical care and continues to be so.

The private insurance won't help because of pre-existing conditions. We will enroll him on IESS as soon as he gets a cedula. We received his permanent visa last week, but can't get an appointment to get the order for his cedula until the end of September. So, with the waiting period, it will be at least January before IESS will help.

We have continued wound care with doctor visits twice weekly, meds, bandaging supplies, etc. and now there is a problem with the other foot that will require a procedure as soon as he can walk on the first foot. He is on crutches now and anticipates being on them for several more months. There is also a possibility still looming over us for extensive bone surgery on one or both feet.

So, we are offering a 50/50 cash prize raffle. Tickets are $10 each. If you are interested in buying a ticket(s) there are two ways you can get them. Message me and we will schedule a meet up convenient to you or if you have a Paypal account, you can purchase tickets through Paypal. We will send you a photo of your ticket number.

If you are in Cuenca, the prize money will be paid in cash. If you are outside of Cuenca and have Paypal the prize money can be sent to you through Paypal anywhere in the world.

The drawing for the winning number will be on Saturday, August 31st. Place and time to be determined- but it will be broadcast on Facebook Live.

If you are buying tickets through Paypal: It is very important to select "send to friends and family" and do not check "paying for goods and services". Either of those will prompt Paypal to keep a percentage. There will be a percentage deducted to withdraw the funds. So, we are asking for Paypal users to pay $10.50 per ticket purchased. You can make Paypal purchases to

If you would be willing to pass this message on to your friends (electronically through email or social media) or help sell tickets to your friends to reduce our trips we would be very grateful. You may request up to 20 tickets to sell and return either the tickets or money on or before Aug 31st without having to pay in advance.

We are willing to answer all reasonable questions about his health and we have photos from all stages of his wound therapy for those who wish to see them. Please email for more info or to arrange ticket pick up.

Thank you very much for this community's help and concern for his health.

Cuenca and Beyond. Thursday, Aug 8th - Saturday Aug 31st

Scarlett Braden