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What's going on at JEP?

I had a very disturbing and bizarre incident this morning at JEP. It was the 2nd time I'd gone in looking for my investment counselor, Giovanna Rivera who, once again was not in her office at the time. Someone else was sitting in Giovanna's office and so I just stuck my head in to ask if Giovanna was still working there. I was told yes, just have a seat.

I sat for a while waiting, but since all I wanted was a simple question answered - does Giovanna still work here?  I got up to ask someone else but instead of an answer I was told to go sit in front of another office, where I continued to wait. To make a long story short, I waited, asked then demanded to speak with a supervisor and nobody would help me. I was in the Sucre office for one hour trying to get someone to tell me if my investment counselor still works there.

Nobody would help me or even answer one simple question. This is very unprofessional and it is very bad business. Does anyone know what's going on at JEP Sucre?

Felicia: .

City: Cuenca