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We cry as we write this

We're hoping to rehome “Ande”, our rescue doggie that we have had for 7 months. It’s assumed that Ande is Border Collie, part Retriever and possibly Great Pyrenees. Ande is a big doggie (about 45 #, but looks larger with her heavy coat). She needs someone with the physical strength, energy and commitment to properly care for her daily. Ande grew too strong and energetic for us seniors to manage. The “before” and “after” photos tell the story. She is one big beauty. We love her with all of our hearts. It is absolutely heartbreaking for us to think about giving her to another family. The grief we feel is overwhelming. 

She is so affectionate and loving; not a mean bone in her body. She is a happy, healthy, and playful dog. She knows basic commands and is totally housebroken. She is stunningly beautiful! People fall in love with her wherever we go. We think she is about 2-years old. She has been spayed, vaccinated, wormed and receives Nex Guard for 100% flea control. Our Veterinarians are at Cuenca Animal Clinic. She is consuming only high-quality food and should continue to do so. Her food, supplies, and care averages $100 per month. 

As a young dog, she loves to dig and run. A family home with secure acreage would be ideal. She is an excellent guard dog and likes to spend hours “watching”. She is high energy. Ideal for a family with older kids and/or other dogs for her to play with. 

Ande tolerates cats quite well. However, if kitty runs, Ande will chase her. This is common with Retriever breeds. She would not harm kitty at all. She just wants to play. 

We will be very selective in the rehoming process. We would like to meet the whole family and visit your home. If for any reason, Ande is not a good fit, you must agree to return her to us. 

Along with Ande comes her supplies of food, bed, brushes and toys. 

She will be the ‘love of your life”. 

Thank you for considering beautiful Ande 

Jo Austin / 099 535 7387 

Jerry Holland / 099 513 0118 

Beautiful photos upon request 

City: Cuenca