GringoPost | Ecuador: Vino & Van Gogh art class at Cafe San Sebas this Thursday

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Vino & Van Gogh art class at Cafe San Sebas this Thursday

Written by our resident Maestro Artist, Carl Walters;

Did you like to draw or paint when you were in the first through the sixth grades? I did!! But then I thought I had to put that aside for studies, sports, "dates" - etc. Now here I am 70 years later having fun, expressing myself, trying to paint images of all kinds in my own style (if I can ever find what exactly that is.

This Thursday, July 25th, 5-9 PM Vino & Van Gogh, Inspiration, Mucic!

And there are a lot of other very nice, friendly, supportive and encouraging people, most of whom do not claim to be artistic pros, who get together every other Thursday night with Vino & Van Gogh and paint up a storm! And you should see some of the outcomes. Really good, interesting, engaging...and some are totally beautiful masterpieces. Can you believe that? Well, yes! And you can do it too.

It is not just fun, it is also an ego booster. Everybody supports everybody else. So, come on. And, oh yes, you get your canvas, and the use of paints and brushes, and a glass of delicious wine (to settle your nerves and help you mellow-out) if you want it, and you get instructions and suggestions and support from the best, most gracious, most supportive, most affirmative dearest excellent art teacher in the world--Amelia Earl

The cost is just $29 per session. And the food (sandwiches, fries, and other special dishes) at San Sebas Cafe, where we do this art, is both ample and delicious. So, what are you waiting for, amigo and amiga? We'll see you there! And P.S. I am painting. Can you believe that? You can too!

San Sebastián 1-94. July 25th, 5:09-9 PM

Amelia Earl:  07 284 3496