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Special Sunday, Full Criollo Restaurant

A bit of Venezuelan gastronomic history

Corn, that magical and golden grain, adored for its divine origin since pre-Columbian times, has been an important means of sustenance in Latin America; In Venezuela, corn is nobly transformed to become different Creole dishes that always flatter the palate of Venezuelans. Among these dishes we find La Cachapa de budare, famous lady of the culinary of our country to which we dedicate this article.

The origin of the cachapa is attributed to the Venezuelan central region, the Indians who inhabited the Mirandinas cultivated the corn, cereal that was worshiped and considered of divine origin, so appreciated, that their cult was later associated with the Christian religion, becoming accustomed to plant corn grains in the day San Isidro Labrador to pay homage to farmers, a custom that is still preserved in some Venezuelan agricultural towns.

The Cachapa is a thin cake of ground corn, with cheese and papelón (or sugar), cooked in budare; It is known throughout Venezuela but is consumed more in the central region. That sweet and wonderful transformation of the corn in the form of thin and round cake is usually accompanied by a good "cheese e'mano" and smeared with butter. Enjoy Our Cachapas To the Best Venezuelan Style from the traditional, vegetarian, vegan, our Recommendations or as you prefer it.

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Sunday, July 21, from 10 AM to 9 PM, Gran Colombia 13/72 y Estévez de Toral, Cuenca.

Javier Gil: 0984244928