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Schooling in Ecuador

We are moving to Ecuador in September with our 5-year old and 2-year old sons.
Can anyone give me some more information on the schooling system?

We will be moving to Banos, although we are not 100% we are going to settle down here. I thought kids are obligated to go to primary school by the age of 6 so that would give our oldest one some time to adjust to the new life before starting school. But now I read somewhere that this age has changed to 5?

Also, my mother-in-law says kids in Banos are obligated to attend Jardin in order to get accepted into any primary school. Is this true?

Do kids start school on their birthdays or at the beginning of the new schoolyear?

And most importantly, how do you find the pedagogical climate in the schools?

We also keep homeschooling in the back of our minds. Are there any homeschoolers here that would like to talk to me about their homeschooling experience?

Thank you,

Julie Viteri Torres: .

City: BaƱos de Agua Santa