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Recommendation for Leonor (Noshy) Pinos, cooking

Tired of cooking?

Leonor (Noshy) Pinos is my Spanish teacher. She’s also a wonderful cook. I hate cooking, so she made several main courses to fill my freezer with portion-sized containers of good and healthful foods. We chose the recipes together and Noshy shopped to get whatever wasn’t on hand. She then spent a day fixing five different recipes from scratch, using my Instant Pot, slow cooker, oven, electric stove, and microwave. Each main course is delicious, and all I have to do is heat it in the microwave and prepare a side salad or some vegetable.

She not only uses English-language recipes, but also—of course—makes all kinds of Ecuadorian food. Everything is better than what I’ve had delivered from restaurants, and there’s no Styrofoam, foil, and single-use plastic. Plus, she leaves me with a clean, organized kitchen.

She’s knowledgeable about cooking for people with diabetes.

Noshy also cooked up a batch for my dogs; I mix it with their kibble, and they now love their food.

Contact her to discuss what you have in mind and the price.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 150 5795

Recommended by Jean McCord: