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Increase bone density, muscular strength and edurance at SkyFit

Even if you have never exercised in your life, you can begin at any age. You can only benefit from getting up and moving your body. Bone density will increase in response to weight bearing exercise, regardless of your age. Strength training will increase muscle density and help support the skeletal structures. Balance and core need to be challenged to be maintained. Most conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. will benefit from regular exercise and proper nutrition.

At SkyFit you can address all your fitness needs by joining a fitness class or if you prefer work one on one with Sky.

Fit for Life classes on Mon/Wed/Fri at 11 AM.
Every class is different and incorporates resistance training, balance, stretching, core and abdominal strengthening. This successful program has been running in Cuenca for over 7 years. Join our supportive, fun group and "get fit for life".

Pilates "Strong to the Core" classes on Mon/Wed/Fri at 10 AM.
Utilizing your body, exercise balls, exercise bands, weights you will benefit from this total body conditioning class, improving your posture, strength, balance and flexibility.

Personal Training - train in complete privacy one on one with Sky.

Small Group Training - enjoy a private class with your friends. You choose your type of class/time.

Private Spinning Class - fun cycling workout to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Active Injury Rehabilitation for all types of injuries/surgeries.

Sport Specific Training for your upcoming event. 

Back Care programs for a strong healthy back.

Osteoporosis programs to increase your bone density safely.

Chiropractor & Craniosacral Therapist, Dr. Kathleen Bruce provides non evasive therapy for all types of injuries, back issues, headaches, joint problems, etc.
By appointment on Mondays/Fridays.

Holistic Healer/Therapist Roosvelt Rojas is available on Wednesdays for Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Rolfing.

Sky Rajewski, Voted GringoPost Best Personal Trainer 4 years in a row. You can also read Sky's "Fit for Life" articles in the Cuenca Expat Magazine.

Professional Trainer/Instructor and Trainer of Trainers, owner/operator of "SkyFit" Sky has masters of Kinesiology specializing in sports medicine and exercise physiology & biomechanics. In addition, Sky is certified in every facet of fitness, personal training, functional training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, Pilates, aerobics, step, spinning, 3rd age, pre and post natal, TRX and RIP systems, weight training, stretch therapy, cross fit, etc.

As a trainer of trainers Sky has certified over 300 fitness instructors and personal trainers, over the past 37 years. In addition to writing health and fitness articles, Sky has also written two books: “Safe and Effective Stretching Techniques”, and “Strong to the Core”, and several teaching manuals.

Sky is an international lecturer/presenter/instructor/trainer. Over the past 39 years, Sky has trained amateur and professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast, training for a sport or athletic event, or require an active rehabilitation program, Sky will ensure that you attain your goals.

SkyFit "Strong to the Core" Integrated Fitness & Health Center - Sucre 7 - 70 y Luis Cordero.

Sky Rajewski: