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Crowdfunding Campaign. Dario Torres New CD, Nueva Guitarra Ecuatoriana

Nueva Guitarra Ecuatoriana

It is a Project for the recording of a highly representative discographic product, that will have as a base the contemporary music for classical guitar in Ecuador. The repertoire Will be composed by works written specially for classical guitar by Ecuadorian composers.

We will also make a concert tour for the release of this cd in the cities of Cuenca, Quito and Azogues, this comes with a complete campaign of circulation and socialization which includes the visit of the media, social networks and digital media.

Our main motivation to the development of this project comes from the necessity to broadcast the vast production of music created exclusively for guitar, existing now a days in Ecuador, which has a great quality and sadly, it remains hidden from the eyes of Ecuadorian people as well as the whole world´s.

One of the most urgent cases is the composer from Azogues, Mtr. Manuel Merchan, who has written a vast work for guitar, able to be compared to the work by great Latin American composers, but it has not been edited or played and recorded. Mtr. Merchan´s work is in real risk of remaining hidden and maybe to getting lost, more even, considering his advanced age and his visual disability.

On the other hand, we have works by other great composers of Ecuadorian guitar, such as Beno Belduma, Edgar Grada and Pedro Barreiro. All of them young people. Each one of them with their own style and compositions that have a great quality in every single aspect, which allows us to obtain a highly representative product about Ecuadorian guitar around the world.

Nueva Guitarra Ecuatoriana, represents a very important work and it requires a professional, responsible and dedicated process in order to materialize it. For that sake, it is necessary to keep a methodologic process, which contemplates several stages and activities. Each one of them requires a specific budget.

Who is Dario Torres?

He is an upgraded classical guitar concertist who, during the last years of his career, has been developing a permanent and sustained musical activity in the national scene. This activity has turned him into one of the most important referents of the classical guitar in Ecuador. He is, currently, an independent artist, with a proposal of autogestion and great quality.

Within his first CD, El Canto de la Guitarra Ecuatoriana, he got to perform in a national concerts tour in the most representative theaters of the country. He also got to finalize a diffusion and circulation campaign in the media, musical teaching institutions and cultural centers along the country.

Dario is passionate about the guitar. Ever since he was a child, he had the certainty that he would dedicate his life to cultivate this art and that is the reason why he dedicates his work and effort to achieve the great goal of maintaining a serious, responsible and auto sustainable proposal with his guitar and his music.

Together, we can do it!

We have a great project here. We know how to make it and believe that it is absolutely possible. There for, we are releasing this massive financing campaign in which you can participate. No matter the amount. What is really important is to get that many people join this project. 

Besides being part of our team and having the opportunity to generate fundamental paradigm changes in order to develop a better cultural activity in Ecuador, you will always receive a concrete incentive or reward for your contribution.

How can you help?
If you wish to support this project, you can do it by making some voluntary donations.

Go to (link) for our crowdfunding campaign.

Dario Torres: 099 576 2850. Call after: 8 AM.

City: BaƱos de Agua Santa