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Casa de Bienestar Natural: lab services

Casa de Bienestar Natural provides onsite lab services performed by highly specialized professional Viviana Gomez, Pharmaceutical Biochemist, MTOX.

We offer a clinical analysis in chemistry, immunochemistry, toxicology, providing reliability, integrity, and seriousness in our processes, supported by professional, ethical, and competent staff.

Testing in:
• Hematology
• Coagulation (Haemostasis)
• Biochemistry
• Enzymes
• Hormones
• Tumor marker
• Serology
• Electrolytes
• Microbiology
• Urinalysis and coprology
• Cytology

But not limited in case that you have any specific need of a test, please call us to find out how we can help you.
Laboratorio Clinico Casa de Biernestar Natural
Viviana Gómez Gonzalez,
Bioquímico Farmaceuta, MTOX
Citas al 093 982 0306 / 07 281 5579

Cornelio Merchan 7-94 y Padre Sodiro (one block from Av.10 de Agosto). From Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 1 PM

Beth Shahda: 093 982 0306 / 07 281 5579