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The Oasis Center for Conscious Living: Conscious Living Intensive

Join us at The Oasis Center for Conscious Living for our second dynamic presentation and conversation on the principles and practices of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying. We spend the morning session in a classroom environment engaged in an overview of the evolution of consciousness. Understanding our conscious evolution, both at the personal level and as a species is the foundation of our Conscious Living program. Carolyn Myss describes this evolution as mov8ng from the tribal mind, focused on the body and basic survival, to the egoism mind, with its focus shifting to personal development and achievement, to the global or spiritual mind, which concerns itself with the best for our planet and species. Eckhart Tolle decribes our New Earth as the consciousness of acceptance, appreciation and enthusiasm. We embrace the shamanic prophecy which states “when the eagle flies with the Condor it will be the birth of a new earth.” Become a part of this birthing process by becoming a part of our Conscious Living Community. After lunch we walk down to our lovely quebrada (creek) for a spirited conversation alongside magnificent boulders and waterfalls.

We offer a round trip shuttle service with pick up at 9 AM at Monay Shopping, $5 round trip. And we offer a delicious lunch, a vegetarian stir fry, for those interested. $5
The fee for lunch, the shuttle and the day’s activities is $25.

Via a Jadan, Sector Vegaspamba, Jadan. Sat June 8; 9 AM shuttle pick up; 9:30 tour of our Center; class begins at 10 AM

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