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The Most Important Thing - Comm. for Pedestrian Safety

"The Important Thing..."

This week bookmark-size windshield stickers were handed to motorists at traffic lights in Gringolandia. They read as follows as translated:

Details that save
The important thing
is getting there
the speed

While it may or may not be important to get to certain destinations, and reducing speed is often urgent in this area, compare the emphasis of the following bookmark of the Committee for Pedestrian Safety with the above.

Respect life!

Remember, when you are not driving, you too are a pedestrian.

In memory of pedestrians struck down by drivers...

The important thing is the prevention of injuries and deaths--saving lives, most of which are pedestrians who often drive.

At least 5 lives were brutally taken in Gringolandia in 2018, one of which was a gringo; the other 4 were Cuencanos. Cuenca holds the national record for pedestrians killed according to radio reports.

Horrific pedestrian injuries/deaths are seen daily in ER those doctors tell us.

Change in the mentality of drivers who consider they have right of way over pedestrians, is vital. A leading Cuenca attorney we previously quoted, states that by national law drivers never have preeminence over pedestrians even when pedestrians are wrong. Neither do drivers have the right to drive around pedestrians as eye witnesses testify often happens even in crosswalks, resulting in deaths.

In order to save as many of the 600,000 Cuencanos and 5,000 gringo lives as possible--the most important thing---the CPS bookmark is provided in both Spanish and English (at no cost to tax payers either).

Most encouraging, we are receiving reports from even young drivers of autos and motorcycles that are beginning to understand the Most Important Thing. Our message is already getting through to them.

Dr. Sylvia Zook
Founder and Chairman
Committee for Pedestrian Safety (Website coming soon)
Your help welcome

Dr Sylvia Zook