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The law regarding photo traffic ticket

If you don't drive here, skip this one. I received an email last week citing me for 66 kph in a 65 kph zone. However, there were two vehicles in the foto. I had been under the weather last week due to the inclement weather, so I saw it on Friday. I felt better yesterday and normal today. So, I went over to Misicata to plead not guilty. Oops, while it says you have ten days to pay before the 2% interest kicks in, I found out that I only had three days to plead not guilty, and I can't do it. Nope, you have to hire a lawyer to speak to the judge. Nearly three years ago a burglar crawled over my back wall and helped himself to over $3,000 of my property. Called the police and their response was "Yeah, there is a lot of that going on." They wouldn't even come over and file a police report. So, remember that there are only three reasons to live in Cuenca and they are; 1) Climate, 2) Climate, 3) Climate. Otherwise do everything you can to avoid anything to do with the government. In seven years I have had to bribe officials to do what they are paid by salary to do and I'm always told, "Bienvenidos a Ecuador."

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City: Cuenca