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The cold and rain have arrived

Winter is upon us here in Cuenca, and nothing warms the soul and the body like a hot bowl of freshly-made ramen or udon. Dine in or order for delivery. bento delivers every day except Monday, during our regular working hours. Enjoy handmade ramen, yakisoba, kara age, tempura, tonkatsu, Japanese curry rice bowls, several kinds of sushi and so much more in the comfort of your home or office. Whatsapp messaging orders get 5% off every Bento order. Message via Whatsapp.

Business Hours
Tuesdays through Saturdays
Lunch noon to 3 PM
Dinner 6 to 9 PM
Sundays Noon to 3 PM.

We are located at Simon Bolivar between Miguel Heredia and Bartolome Serrano

Sides and Salad

Japanese Salad (Carrot Ginger Dressing) $3
Seaweed Side Salad $4
Kani Sala (Crab Salad) $5
Japanese Spinach (Sesame dressing) $3
Edamame (Young soy bean in a pod) $2

Fresh Homemade Noodles

Traditional Ramen with Chicken or Pork Tenderloin $8 with Veggies $7
Miso (Vegetarian Broth) Ramen with Veggies $7 with Grilled Prawns $8
Niku Udon (Beef Udon) $8
Yakisoba (Pork Tenderloin, Chicken or Shrimp) $8

Served with Japanese Rice and Napa Cabbage Salad

Ebi Furai (Panko Prawns/Langostino) $9
Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) $8
Yasai Itame (Veggie Stir fry) $7 add Pork Tenderloin, Chicken or Shrimp $8
KARĂ© RAISU (Japanese Curry Rice Bowl with beef or chicken or Tonkatsu) $8
Torikatsu (Breaded Chicken Breasted) or Tonkatsu (Breaded Pork Tenderloin) $8
Panko Tofu (Breaded Homemade Tofu) $7
Chicken Teriyaki or Portobello Teriyaki (Vegetarian) $8

Sushi, Tempura and more By James

Traditional Hand Form Sushi $8
(Salmon, Tuna and Shrimp)

A la carte (salmon, tuna and shrimp) $2 each

Philly Salmon Sushi Roll $9
California Roll $9
Tempura Sushi RolI (Shrimp) $8
UramakI (Crabstick) $8
Bento Vegetarian Sushi Roll $7

Shrimp Tempura $8
Mixed Tempura (Veggies and Shrimp) $8
Veggie Tempura $7

Leziria Portuguese Wine (Tinto/Blanco) $5
Ozeki Sake Nigori (chilled creamy sake) $5 Per shot
Warm dry sake $10 (4oz)
Sake Cocktails $3 (Sake Mojito or Strawberry-Basil Sake Fizz) or 2 for $5
Mills Artisan Beer $4
Matcha Latte $3
Iced Matcha Latte $3
Matcha Mint Iced Tea $2
Organic Japanese Green Tea $4 a pot
Fresh Juices $2

June 21, Simon Boliver between Miguel Heredia and Bartolome Serrano (across from EcuaCortinas)

Matthew and Debby and James:  096 951 7977 WhatsApp