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Teacher course

Yoga vacation – Tumbaco-Quito, Ecuador
Join us for a Yoga vacation at Durga´s Tiger School close to Quito resting in the skirt of sacred volcano Ilaló.

Nestled in the mountain side, Durga´s Tiger School is a hidden oasis where you will find tranquility and adventure within yourself. A daily schedule of yoga, shamanistic energy work, and theatre play parallel each other on the inner journey.

Our advanced yoga teachers will lead you into the Kaula Tantra Yoga experience. It is the oldest taught form of yoga in India, coming from meditation. You learn to relax deeply and flow into the Asanas without "work". It is the doing in the not - doing. You will explore breathing, singing and the chakras, so creating a deep experience of connecting body, spirit and soul. Our team of international masters, will support this transformation through Kundalini, Shamanism, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga, Clowning, and dance.

Housing: - Durga´s Tiger School: A beautiful, tranquil environment on the skirts of Sacred Mountain Ilaló. Hotel standard rooms (2-3 persons).
For more information about lodging and yoga vacation please view our website –
To inquire about registration please email Or phone +593 99 280 5875 Cellular and WhatsAPP +593 (02) 237 3864 Home

Durga´s Tiger School: +593 99 280 5875

Quito, Tumbaco Rumihuaico Alto, lote 169, segunda acequia. during all the year

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