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Recommendation for Dra Mayra Leon, attorney at law

Mayra has helped me in the acquisition of several properties all of which have had many challenges and difficulties. Without her keen advice, I would have wasted a great deal of money and would have been difficult to solve after the fact. When one of my properties needed to have access to irrigation water, in the end Mayra served as the conduit for the entire community. Through Mayra’s incredible perseverance, Mayra successfully got the water system approved by the government for the entire community. Although this process took a great deal of time, Mayra persisted until the issues were resolved.

Over time, we have become friends. Today, I use her for all my legal matters in Ecuador. I realize that many lawyers do not know how to handle corporate and commercial law. Mayra is not only very diligent and hard worker, Mayra has many years of experience. In short, I consider Mayra to be an expert in her field. Mayra is also skilled in determining whether or not you need will as a means of protection for your properties. I would not hesitate to contact Mayra if you have any of these issues or would like to consult with her. Many lawyers are only dedicated to visas; she is specialized in the areas of real estate, water rights, forming and closing Ecuadorian companies, wills, and mediation.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 157 4875

Recommended by Michelle Dopson: