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Recommendation for Dr. Grace Ordoñez- dentist, complete dentistry

This is the highest recommendation possible for Dr. Grace. Without a doubt the best dentist in all of Ecuador let alone Cuenca. Her knowledge, skills, and caring for your teeth are second to none. She blows away every dentist I ever had in the US and I had many.

My teeth were a mess when I got here 2 years ago. Dr. Grace has completely given me a set of teeth I can be proud of for the rest of my life. Dr. G has replaced my upper bridge, which looked awful and fake. My new bridge looks so perfect and real! Now my smile glows.

I needed a root canal and I have had 5 crowns replace cracked teeth. I am proud to say all my crowns look absolutely perfect and totally natural looking. A few of my crowns weren’t perfect from the lab and Dr. G sent them back and would only install them when they were perfect. I love that about her.

Lastly, Dr. G replaced all my silver fillings with a natural white composite. So, no more mercury in my mouth.

Dr. G is the only dentist in all of Ecuador, that has equipment to safely remove the mercury vapors and fragments from your teeth. This process was virtually painless.

Anyway, I am set for life with beautiful teeth and I have Dr. Grace to thank for it.
There is a reason Dr. Grace has been voted Best Dentist every year since 2014.

Truly affordable prices
Dr. G truly cares about your teeth.
Please don’t hesitate to give her a call - you will not regret it.

You are the Best Dr. G
Your Pal for life
Gary G

A shout out for her wonderful assistant- Anaclara

Address: Edificio Work Center, Miguel Cordero & Ave. Paucarbamba - Office 210

Contact information: 07 409 1958

Recommended by Gary Georges: